Have you ever, faced a kind of situation when you felt like Oh! this has happened earlier or have I seen/met that person before, have I done this thing before.

Or it can happen that you already knew what was gonna happen, or what was the other guy going to say.

If you have ever face something like these SHITS then congrats you are a victim of DEJA VU or its DEJA VU.

DEJA VU is nothing but a sense or misinterpretation or false imagining based on what we mostly observe, believe, do in our day to day life. Our brain just clicks images of those things which we hear through our ears, watch through our eyes, smell via nose, feel and taste. And based on this the brain produces its own movie and puts all those peoples as characters on the stage, whom we meet, see, love, talk to and interact in our day to day life.

That’s why when you meet someone, your brain sends those false thoughts to you and you ask aloud, ”Have I seen you before”.

It can also happen like that you know what is about to happen at a certain place at a certain time. Example you went to your friends house, you were talking when one of them says a word [This word can be anything], and at the same moment a girl in a beautiful red dress passes by. Now after some days or months or years maybe, while you were hanging out with somebody he/she also uttered the exactly same word and at the same moment a beautiful girl passes by in a red dress. You feel like no way, Am I god, then how did I knew that was going to happen, am i mad or what.

It’s nothing but DEJA VU

Well according to some research, DEJA VU is not considered as good, you are considered under category of madmen.

But that’s all for today.

Thanks for reading my blog.

The 90s OR 20th CE

It seems like i am stuck. Stuck between the the 90s and 20th century. I find it very strange that today’s youth and kids have become the father of their fathers. They have have forgotten their root, the have forgotten or are pretending to forget those who did their rearing and breeding.

Its not about the fashion , its not about the advancing technology, but its about humanity, its about mankind, the ethics, and dignities which our elders had made for us.

Earlier there was much more respect for one’s feelings then it is today. Earlier their was love between the families or maybe I should say a successful joint family. But today, today its mostly about status and wealth.

If one had to talk about love, then it was seen at a whole different level than it is today. That love now remains just a rumour and its remenants are vanishing away. That love was UNBIASED, AFFECTIONATE, UNDIVIDED, TRUE, ETERNAL, LASTING, MERCIFUL. Which could be felt in the air, so strong that it did not even required any words to convey. That was the same love which we used to feel while reading William Shakespeare.

If I do not quit typing then there’s much more to tell, the things we have experienced, outcrossed and felt.

When we were kids, we were only worried about eating, fairs, travelling, flying kites, cycling and playing all sorts of games like CRICKET, BADMINTON,TABLE TENNIS, BARAF PAANI, ZANJEER, LUKKA CHUPPI, LUDO ,SAANP SEEDI, SEVEN STONES, RANG RANG BALTI OR EITHER WITH OUR PETS.

But kids nowadays, as soon as they are born they are handed over a SMARTPHONE, which is not actually the smart move. They are missing many things, from the freshness of air to the dust of ground, from the smell of soil during rain to the ice cream walas and phulki walas too.

They even do not know, to what limit their parents went to provide them all this happiness today. They are surely living peacefully in AC’S but actually do not know the sweat of hard work behind it to earn each and every penny through which that AC was bought.

They do not even have time for their parents. The mother who left her home for someone else’s happiness. The Parents eagerly wait, hope that one day their offspring will sit beside them and have a laugh together. But that day doesn’t come and if it comes so, then only for very few people

A Humorous ThoughtšŸ˜‚

Through this blog I am trying to express my emotions in a humorous way. This one does not intend to harm or disrespect anyone feelings and if it does, then please pardon me.

We are familiar with the term hair fall. For some its because of their genes, for some its because of the pollution, and for some its the lack of caring.

So one fine day I was in the bathroom looking in the mirror, admiring myself, gazing myself, waving my hand over my head ending up in a few strands of hair on my palm.

A bit shocked I was, a thought passed by. Was this because of masturbation or this had had to happen. The issue was hair fall so why only the head? Why not from anywhere else?

Poto by Rudolf Jakkel on

Adapted from I BELIEVE I CAN FLY…

I believe my pubic hairs would fall

I believe they would, from one to all

thinking about it every night and day,

spread my legs and just try away!

I believe the would fall.

Retro Cameras

Retro cameras don’t have to be fifty years old. With current technology, you can pack a lot of cutting-edge sensor and processing technology in an old school body. Many retro cameras come with metal dials and textured grips for that vintage feel. Even the inbuilt touchscreens don’t detract from the elegant designs. Perfect for those who love photography with a touch of nostalgia.

Street Photography Tips

The street is where life happens in its most raw, unscripted, and unexpected beauty. Not only the diversity of people, but also their interactions with architecture, machines and each other. It’s the reason why the streets are one of the most interesting and rewarding locations to practice photography. You’ll want to make sure you bring along the right lens, and also know when to adjust your settings in order to coax the most emotion from your subjects.

How to Find the Right Camera

There are many factors to consider when choosing a camera. For now, let’s forget about all the specifications and features available. Ask yourself the following questions: How will I be using a camera, and how often? What do I want to achieve? Which add-ons and accessories does the manufacturer offer? Budget is another important factor, but with technology getting cheaper every day you’re sure to find something that checks all the boxes.

Perfect Travel Camera

Whether you’re backpacking around South America or sailing the Pacific, a camera is a must if you want to record and share your experiences. But which camera, or cameras, should you take? I admit, I’ve been guilty of both over- and underestimating my photography needs on many trips. Hiking up a mountain trail with a full complement of lenses is not fun! So I decided to write down a list of minimum requirements a travel camera should have, with the goal to balance portability, functionality, shot quality and (for the adventurers out there) robustness.

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